Everything You Need To Know About Prebiotics And Probiotics


People often have queries like what are Prebiotics? How is it different from Probiotics? Do they benefit our health, and so on. Hence, we thought of briefly addressing every aspect related to them. Before we begin, let’s discuss their definition and role with respect to our health. Probiotics are the live bacteria or yeast present in the food or supplements. On the other hand, Prebiotics are plant fibers for the growth of intestinal microorganisms. Prebiotics and Probiotics have an interdependent relationship that works best together for our gut health. The similar-sounding names confuse people into thinking they have the same functioning. While the truth is they both have their own advantages one can experience! So let’s deep dive into how they are different from one another, along with some of their health benefits.

Prebiotics Vs. Probiotics


Prebiotics are compounds of food that are non-digestible to us. They are the dietary fibers that act as a food source for good bacteria residing within us. It supports their existence and growth in order to maintain our immunity strength.

Probiotics are the food or supplements that comprise microorganisms that provide health benefits. It adds to the population of healthy bacteria in our body to create a balance between the good and bad ones. In simple words, Prebiotics and Probiotics have the relation of food and consumer to each other. You need Probiotics for healthy bacterial growth while you need Prebiotics to support that expansion.


The aim of Prebiotics is to promote the activity and development of healthy microorganisms. They travel to our gastrointestinal tract and support good organisms. Prebiotics give strength to them in order to fight unwanted members present there.

Probiotic or Probiotic supplements take care of the factor that there is a perfect balance between good and unhealthy bacteria inside your body. Hence, it sends alive yeast or microorganisms beneficial to our health to enhance immunity. They increase the count of healthy bacteria inside us, which eventually create a balance. Plus, there is extensive support for the existing bacteria to battle against the toxic viruses.


Prebiotics are generally present in fiber-rich foods. It is a form of plant fiber which is why it is advisable that you consume a lot of leafy and green vegetables. You also need to concentrate on your nutrition, vitamin & supplements as well for Prebiotics to work effectively. Some best examples of Prebiotic-rich foods are broccoli, avocados, whole grains, lentils, and many more.
Probiotics, on the other hand, are generally present in fermented foods. We need the help of microorganisms like yeast to assist us with fermentation. Hence, you can find those beneficial bacteria in food that have gone through a fermentation process. The best Probiotic-rich foods are yogurt, kefir, miso, cheese, buttermilk, and so on.

Prebiotics Benefits

Reduces Inflammation

Prebiotics are all about stimulating the growth of protective bacteria. When you are strengthening your gut microbes, they get stronger and are capable of fighting uninvited viruses that cause infection. They can lower the level of inflammation in our bodies and protect us from diseases like ulcerative colitis. Thus, most doctors and medical professional suggests increasing the quantity of Prebiotics in your meals when facing intestinal inflammation. The nutrients present in Prebiotic-rich foods also play a role in keeping away such infections and irritation.

Lower The Risk Of Cardiac Arrest

Having Prebiotics and Probiotics together can help you enhance your heart health. The dietary fiber present in Prebiotics is capable of reducing blood pressure and C-reactive protein levels, which are the reasons that can attract certain heart diseases. Studies have shown how heart patients were able to get better gradually by concentrating more on high fiber and plant fiber foods. Hence, start having more dietary fiber and Prebiotics to keep your heart happy and healthy.

Assist With IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Another health benefits of Prebiotics are they help in regulating bowel movement. Prebiotics has the responsibility of increasing bifidobacteria that provide relief for IBS. It assists in maintaining the PH and immune regulation of our gut health. Prebiotics do not have a direct impact as a treatment on IBS, but they do play a small role in smoothening the whole defecation process. People dealing with IBS should focus on water-soluble fiber as well to get themselves out of this situation.

Probiotics Benefits

Supports Weight Loss

Please note that probiotics absorb a good amount of calories from our food to strengthen themselves. They need this power to fight the harmful bacteria present in our bodies. So to achieve that, they soak up some fat from the fat storage of your body. This, in return, helps in reducing obesity and intestinal inflammation. Probiotics are the best resolution to promote weight loss and prevent weight gain. Hence, If you take Prebiotics and Probiotics together, you can burn the excess fat and regulate the overall gut health.

Improves Digestion

Probiotics are the number one choice for everyone who wants to improve their digestion. They promote friendly bacteria in our digestive tract that extract the nutrients from the meals we eat. Hence, they break down our food faster to boost digestion. Moreover, these bacteria also produce enzymes and protein that are effective enough to beat the indigestion troubles and issues.

The Best Gastric Problem Solution

There are times when sometimes we feel indigestion symptoms like bloating, gas, acidity, heartburn, etc. The best cure for each one of the digestive issues is to have probiotics. It is the best solution to all your gastric problems that upset your stomach. Every nutritionist agrees with the fact that everyone should focus on having a satisfactory amount of Probiotics for gut health. If someone is not able to meet the minimum amount through their meals, they can always rely on the organic probiotics supplement available in the market.

Bottom Line! Prebiotics & Probiotics Improve Immunity In Your Body

It is crucial for each one of us to prioritize our gut health. Every disease starts in our guts. So whatever we are eating is causing a direct effect on our stomach, and from thereon, on our body. Thus, it is high time we start watching and tracking what we eat. You can begin with Prebiotics and Probiotics together as they are co-dependent on each other. The best way to enjoy the benefits of both is by consuming them together in an adequate quantity. By doing so, you will notice how your immunity and metabolisms boost within a few weeks. Every health consultant will suggest including these in your meals to avoid gastric issues. Moreover, it is an excellent source to promote weight loss and improve digestive health.


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