Meet your food: Fillas da Terra – A vision of unity in Galicia, Spain

Fillas da Terra Manos a la Tierra
Bea and Carlota working on their land

Something that I enjoy tremendously is to meet and share experiences with other permaculturists. It is always a pleasure to listen to the stories, the challenges, but mostly the passion and dedication that is embedded on every sentence; people who speak from their heart. That is the result of a lot of reflection and willingness to make a positive change, not only for our wellbeing, but for the future generations. I guess that is how we all get on this path.

This time it was the turn of “Fillas da Terra” meaning “Daughters of the Land” in Galician, a project created and managed by Bea and Carlota, two brave women dedicated to care for the land so we can receive nourishing and healthy food.The way they describe their hard work is truly inspiring, and an example of discipline, courage and commitment to their values and ethical code:

“We work outdoors, whether it’s cold, hot or raining. Our work involves physical wear and tear. Despite our good arts, our care and our affection, no harvest is sometimes free from the whims of the climate or nature, which sometimes play against us. For example, from the time we sow a broccoli to its harvest, 4 or 5 months pass and it can get lost.

On the other hand, our work connects us with the land and nature. Also, it makes us grow as people because it makes us more patient and stronger.

Most important of all, we love it.”

Fillas da Terra products

They love it and that love shows in their products. The way the produce their mixed variety of edible flowers, vegetables and herbs is admirable and worth of considering if you plan to start growing food yourself.

  • NO machines, reducing the carbon footprint. All our work is artisan.
  • NO cold chambers. Our sale is direct.
  • Our distribution is local (within a maximum radius of 25 km).
  • NO plastics. NO chemicals. NO tillage. We take care of the integrity and health of the earth. We avoid soil erosion.
  • NO monocultures. We are committed to biodiversity and do crop rotations that favor the natural balance.

The result of this is food that has all the right nutrients and none of the pesky stuff that makes us sick long term. Their aim now is to make “agriculture sustained by the community” a reality. Truth is that, in reality, is the farmer who sustains the community. It is sad that they have to put all the effort on building this. We need to come together and make this mission and vision our own.

That is why we are starting this series on “Meet your food”, because it is important to bring awareness to food production. Real permaculturists don’t hide themselves behind an “organic” label that a lot of times is not true. Those who are making the hands on job deserve not only oir praise, but our attention and our help.

How can we help? Very easy. If you live within 25km of “Fillas da Terra”, you can contact them on their website and even visit them: If you are far away, just do some research and contact your local farmers. Get to know them. And if there are no producers around; become one! The real revolution start by taking responsibility.

We are not striving to be perfect, there are a lot of things that we are still working on to build a better future, but rest assured that we can only move forward together. There is an old saying in Asia that, if we want to move fast, we should travel alone; but if we want to go far, we should do it together. We know that the journey that lays ahead is long, that is why it is important to choose now what kind of world we are building with every action.

We vote with every coin we spend, every day. If we prefer to buy cheap and processed food, we are truly saying that we do not care. But I know we all do. We are just not aware of the risks that our daily choices mean for our future health, enviroment and society.

That is why I encourage you to consider becoming part of our community platform at Alegria Natural, a safe space where we will grow together. There, Fillas da Terra will be sharing their wisdom and experiences. Join us in this new adventure. Together we are stronger.

See you there!





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