Triskel VPN – A tool for online privacy and safe internet navigation

Triskel VPN
Triskel VPN is the first community driven VPN service with no ads. Free for all to use. From a community to a community.

So what is VPN? To provide a short definition of  VPN (Virtual Private Network) software, one must know about its origins. The solution was developed with the goal of providing protection against online threats by giving Internet users the gift of anonymity. This new breed of software has become the most effective deterrent to cybercrime, which seems to be the primary purpose of VPN.

Triskel VPN is a service designed to make our communities online safer and our internet navigation private. It has been developed by Alegria Natural Community with the aim to be a truly ad free and secure haven for anyone who needs it.

Having an internet connection in our devices without a VPN service provider is like leaving our homes naked with all our personal data written in our naked bodies. Can you picture that? Well, if you wouldn’t do that, then it is time to get a VPN app in your phone and computer.

Right now, Triskel VPN is only available for Android. You can support our project by visiting Google Play store and downloading our app, and, if you can, pay for a subscription.

Wishing you a safe navigation!


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