Turmeric Benefits Other Than Spicing Up Indian Cuisine


Turmeric is a spice people use to give gravy an appealing color. But, if you dive deep into it, you will realize that it is much more than a color factor. There are numerous turmeric benefits you can get for your allergies and chronic illnesses. In fact, people do use it for face masks and body scrubs and have received outstanding results. We are here to tell you the other advantages that turmeric and curcumin bring with them. Before that, please note that turmeric and curcumin are two different things. Curcumin is a chemical compound made by the Curcuma longa plant, while turmeric is a spice that contains up to 9% of Curcuminoids.

Best Curcumin And Turmeric Benefits For Men & Women

Good For Skin

If your skin health is getting dull with passing days, it is a sign of some dis-balance in your body. It could be acne, eczema, ulcers, and many more. Ignoring them at an early stage can lead to even higher levels of infection. Thus, you need something natural and chemical-free to help you with. Here comes the importance of turmeric, which has antimicrobial properties. It helps you fight viruses that cause infections and skin diseases. It would surprise you to know that many skincare companies have also started using turmeric in their products.

Use Turmeric For Weight Loss 

We all know someone who is working on losing some extra weight. Especially after holidays, when the body is carrying the sweet’s fat. Usually, people suggest we cut down carbohydrates, fats, fiber, and many more. Besides these points, you should also know what to add to your diet. One of them is curcumin because that can decrease body mass index (BMI). You will see a significant downfall in weight, waist, and leptin levels as well. Even if you buy health supplements in India for losing some kilos, most of them include curcumin in their products. So next time you are trying to fit in your clothes, remember to have some turmeric in your food.

Turmeric Benefits In Fighting Depression 

Continuously ignoring the needs of our mental health can change into depression. It is because most of us overlook our minds over other organs. This habit causes issues like anxiety, depression, dementia, and many more. If you feel you are getting symptoms of depression, it is better for you to opt for curcumin tablets in the early stage. These tablets will increase serotonin and dopamine in your body. They are the two major brain chemicals that are responsible for our mood. Consuming turmeric in any form will boost the therapy and medicine’s effect on you.

Enhances Heart Health 

Keeping your heart happy would not feel like a task with proper diet and exercise. The positive effects of turmeric make the job easier for us. First, they improve our cholesterol and blood pressure. These two are kind of co-related to each other, and maintaining that can improve the health percentage of your heart. Please note if you are already taking the medication for BP, you need to consult a doctor before beginning. There are chances that your medicines contain turmeric benefits already. For others, you can track your blood pressure readings and see the difference in them yourself.

Control Blood Sugar Levels 

Diabetes is the number one problem in India. The worst part is that it is becoming more and more common in children as well. The good news is that curcumin and turmeric have shown improvement in helping lower blood sugar. Turmeric is good for people who have prediabetes from developing into diabetes. Curcumin helps those who have Type 2 diabetes. Besides them, the other ways to improve on it are exercise, eating healthy, avoiding sugar and carbohydrates. Doing these will give you extraordinary results, while turmeric would elevate those benefits.

Helps In Digestion

Another turmeric benefits that you should know is that it helps fasten the digestion process. If you are someone who faces digestive issues like gas, bowel diseases, bloating, etc., you can try using turmeric after your meal. You will find a decrease in these problems because the curcumin extract has anti-inflammatory properties (we will talk about it later). This quality helps our body cells by giving support to digestive systems. You can consume turmeric in your meals. Use turmeric powder in your meals and it will start showing its results without disturbing the taste.

Turmeric Has Anti Inflammatory Properties

Anti-inflammatory means the substance that acts as a treatment for inflammation or swelling. It can also include redness, irritation, pain, and other such symptoms. Ayurvedic medicine and Eastern Asian medicine use turmeric as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. It is because of the two qualities that turmeric offers. The first is that it helps in reducing the existing inflammation. Second, it also puts an end to the chemicals your body is producing that kick in inflammation. Besides, curcumin is there to help you if your inflammation grows up to chronic illnesses. We are talking about stomach ailments, arthritis, pancreatitis, and many more.

Provide Relief In Arthritis 

We all know how necessary vitamins are for bones & muscles. For cases like arthritis, it is the most essential nutrient to focus on. Turmeric has vitamins that are proven to be helpful in joint pains and osteoarthritis. Some medicines and a good diet will surely cure this problem, but having turmeric benefits by increasing the speed of recovery. If you are unable to have enough vitamins in your meals, you can consume turmeric by adding a pinch to your food. The other way to strengthen your bones is by taking health supplements that work directly on joint pain

Gives Protection From Bad Bacteria & Viruses 

Covid has taught us the need to keep our immunity strong. So to help your immunity fight better, you can rely on the benefits of turmeric tablets. Through a low dosage of curcumin, you can actually enhance the strength in your body. Your body cells will have the power to fight and defeat the bad bacteria and viruses. The results may start coming after a couple of weeks of consuming curcumin daily. The other turmeric benefits also begin by working on the immunity first. Hence, it is the best option to go for if you are feeling sick. In fact, many Indian households do give turmeric with other ingredients like honey or tulsi as “Kadha.” 

Aids In Liver Function 

The most important curcumin health benefit to notice is that it aids liver function. The properties of turmeric and curcumin assist the body in detoxification. Plus, doctors have seen that curcumin limits the damage that our liver faces due to our bad habits. The research on how to use it effectively with medicines is still in process. But it is a fact that turmeric benefits our body by lowering the level of liver enzymes. It means that if you are facing any issues related to your liver, you need to follow certain things. First, have a healthy diet and health supplement to balance nutrients. Second, drink lots of water. Third, have some turmeric powder in any form.

Bottom Line – Surprising Benefits of Turmeric

To conclude, both turmeric and curcumin give your body positive effects. Some of them affect your illnesses and make you feel relieved within a few days or weeks. Generally, people know turmeric benefits for skin but are not aware of the other miracles. We hope these pointers were helpful to you. Please note that turmeric and curcumin are boosting factors, and you should not use it alone for chronic illnesses. A proper dietary plan and the best curcumin supplement will defeat many of the body issues you are facing.


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