Triskel VPN – Privacy Policy for a safe internet navigation experience

When you navigate internet without a VPN service provider you expose not only your data, but your precious privacy.


Alegria Natural through Triskel VPN is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. It is our primary policy to collect as little user information as possible to ensure a private and anonymous user experience when using the Service.

Below is a summary of how we treat information when you use the Service.


Triskel VPN
Triskel VPN is the first community driven VPN service. Free for all to use. From a community to a community.

Data we collect and why we collect it

Personal data (related to your account):

Account Creation: To create an account, to use our Service, we do not ask for your first or last name. All you need to do is select your username, then provide the email address and choose your password.

We store the email address you entered when creating an account for communication and anti-abuse purposes. If a friend or other third party participating in our referral program refers you to the Service, we may associate your account with the sender to properly credit the sender.

Support: When you submit support requests or bug reports, we will collect the data you choose to share with us about the problem being reported. Error reporting sometimes depends on third parties.

Payment: The Company relies on third parties to process credit card transactions and PayPal, and we do not keep your full credit card details. For example, if you make a payment with a credit card, your name and the last 4 digits of the credit card number will become part of the invoice and will be saved by us. Anonymous payments and donations in cash or Bitcoin are also accepted.

How we use this personal data: Your email address is not shared with third parties. We use it primarily for questions related to account, communication, and recovery. By registering for our Service, you agree to receive communications from us, which may also include promotional emails. You can stop receiving emails from us by following the unsubscribe instructions included in each email we send.

We may also use your data for payment-related matters. This includes sending you emails, invoices, receipts, delinquency notices and alerting you if you need to update payment details. We use third parties for the secure processing of credit card transactions, and we send billing information to those third parties to process your credit card payments.

The information you provide when you contact our support team is processed for analytical purposes (such as to obtain aggregated statistics on the number of Android complaints), but is not combined with any personal data. We do not do any targeted advertising or any profiling.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

The Company reserves the right to periodically review and change this Policy, and will notify users who have enabled the notification preference of any changes. Continued use of the Service shall be deemed acceptance of such changes.


If you have any questions or comments regarding the data and your privacy, please feel free to contact us via



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